Webinar on “Impact of SROs on Pakistan Economy”

February 11, 2021

Our particular focus areas will be:

1-Should the use of SROs be only confined to formulation of procedures for implementing a tax law/laws?
2-If the SROs allowing tax concessions were eliminated, would it not hurt those sectors which are currently benefiting from them?
3-Is it true that SROs are a source of promoting a culture of rent-seeking?
4- Can we find any positive results of SROs in any area like promotion of any specific industries, lowering the burden of taxation on social sectors or boosting exports?
5-We would love to see examples of useful and harmful SROs? Economic impact of industry wise concessions, specific user concessions? Their impact on domestic industry?
6- Does SRO culture make genuine commercial importers and SMEs uncompetitive?


Moderator: Dr Nadeem ul Haq (VC. PIDE)

Ikram ul Haque (Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Managing partner Huzaima & Ikram)
Robina Ather (Chairperson, National Tariff Commission)
Manzoor Ahmad (Ex Ambassador, WTO)
Gonzalo.J.Varela (Senior Economist, World Bank)
Zahir ud Din Dar ( CEO Dartways) .

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