Understanding Chinese Growth and drawing lessons (ENGLISH)

August 26, 2016

Khalid Malik has written a book on Chinese growth: "why has China grown so fast for so long?". As UNDP  Director he has lived in China for a long time and knows China well. 

In this fascinating discussion we learn the answer to the question.


Khalid argues:


The key to development is structural transformation that Mao and then Deng achieved. 
They created a learning and competent state capable of leading development
Chinese society has been transformed to be a learning society
Reform is a continuous and ongoing process in China not a check list given by a donor and implemented once. 
Reform process incentivized innovation and allowed for learning from mistakes. 
They maintained an undervalued exchange rate and pushed for exports in an open economy context. 


We also draw some lessons from China. 


You will enjoy this podcast.


Do look into Khalid's recommendation of a movie that you could see and discuss.  


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