To get democracy, fix the constitution (URDU)

February 26, 2018

In collaboration with "Hafte Ki Seedhi Baat," "Soch Bichar" addresses the constitutional issue again today. 

Today the Supreme Court has ruled to disqualify PM Nawaz Sharif. 

This is not a day to celebrate but a day to reflect.

  • We must reflect on why we not been able to achieve democracy.
  • We must reflect on why our democratic government overstep their bounds all the time.
  • We must reflect on our dynastic parliament.
  • We must reflect on the continuing erosion of our institutions.

Adnan Rasool a PHD candidate in Georgia has launched a podcast Hafte Ki seedhi Baat but more importantly is researching on constitutional issues.

We had a fascinating discussion on why it is the poor constitutional design that is leading to a poor-quality democracy. Several themes for reform were discussed.

We hope that there will be a wide-ranging discussion on these issues and a policy community on constitutional reform developed. That is the only way forward. People must push for reform by discussing such ideas and pushing for change. Don’t leave it to politicians who are benefitting from the system to change the system.

You can also look at my book “Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger in 2050” now available in hard copy in Pakistan. Soft copy here.

Listen and learn and write some papers on this subject.  Don’t forget to cite Soch Bichar

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