Thinking like an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship Incubation and Ecosystem (ENGLISH and some URDU)

January 31, 2018

As we have discussed in many episodes, Entrepreneurship and innovation is an important source of growth in an economy. Entrepreneurship was also central to the Framework of Economic Growth of the Planning Commission that was approved by the government in 2011 and 2012. Sadly, like most good policies it was neither read nor implemented. Entrepreneurship also plays a central role in my book ‘Looking Back.”

A study on entrepreneurships in Pakistan is available here.

While in previous episodes we have discussed entrepreneurship with economists and thinker who have studied the subject, in this episode, we will discuss the subject with 2 entrepreneurs who are entrepreneurs. But now they have become entrepreneurship evangelists which involves incubating entrepreneurship and creating an entrepreneurship ecosystem.   

Faisal Sherjan has been a founding spirit of Geo and venture capital funds in UK and is now managing the LUMS incubator for entrepreneurship while he is also investing in a number of startups. 

Kurram Zafar has set up successful startups in Silicon Valley and  has been involved in many ventures in Pakistan. He set up the Plan 9 incubator and the LUMS incubator and has now developed the first venture capital fund for Pakistan.

Listen to these to entrepreneurs talk about the entrepreneurship,

  • How to think like an entrepreneur;
  • How you can find opportunities;
  • How to do a startup;
  • What and incubator is and how it can help you;
  • What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem is and why it is necessary;
  • What is needed in policy to support entrepreneurship.

 Listen and learn and as always comment, discusses and debate. 

Stay Curious!

Listen to this fascinating discussion. There is much to learn and research here. 

You can also look at my book “Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger in 2050” now available in hard copy in Pakistan. Soft copy here.

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