The Role of Industrialization in Development (ENGLISH)

August 9, 2016

We discuss with Shahid Yusuf, a leading international development thinker from Paksitan the role of industrialization in the development process. 

You will hear a wide ranging discussion drawing upon Shahid's extensive knowledge of development theory and history as well as his intimate knowledge of East Asia. The discussion covers many topics including

Why industrialization may still be important to growth?
Would manufacturing move from China and East Asia to countries like Pakistan as policymakers assume?
Is creeping technology making the development industrial policy and development of manufacturing more difficult? 
What can policy do to invigorate manufacturing? 
What sort of governance structures would be required to develop a coherent industrialization policy?
Should policy just think manufacturing or are complementary services required? 

Shahid is incisive and knowledgeable. Those interested in learning policy and research must carefully listen. There are lots of ideas for thinking, debate and research here.  

Listen carefully. Shahid also makes a surprising book recommendation that will certainly wake Pakistanis up! 

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