The mess that is schooling

July 1, 2016
Dedicated to the first generation of teachers in Pakistan who laid a great foundation for school education that we have subsequently ruined. Sadly we don't honor them---to our cost. 

We talk to Mr.s Roohi Haque a longstanding and very respected teacher who contributed to the growth of the world-famous Beaconhouse school system.  

Roohi's extensive experience allows us to gain an insight into the school system in Pakistan.

Why is the public school system not working?
Why si the private school system expensive but yet not of international quality? 
Why do tuitions persist?
Credentials seem to be more important than education. 
Most important of all: although increasing budget is a requirement, but in the current system increasing budgets will be useless given the waste. 

The system needs a compete revamp. For that there must be a lot more discussion and debate. 

What we learn is that there is a lot that needs to be learnt about education. it is a complex system where we will do a lot more work.

Researchers an help by doing mush more work on education system, its organization, its structure, teachers, their incentives, training and quality, the curriculum and many other issues.

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