The early years of Pakistan: Building Institutions (ENGLISH)

December 2, 2017

Initial conditions are important in any dynamic process. 70-year-old Pakistan is still searching for political and economic stability. Yakoob Bangash raises the possibility that in order to understand the ongoing search process, we must study the early years of Pakistan’s history.  The seeds of instability may have been laid there. 

Yakoob Bangash is fast emerging as one of Pakistan’s leading historians. He is a Professor at Information Technology University author of a book on the ‘Accession of Princely States to Pakistan’ and a recently completed history of the Judiciary in Pakistan.

There is much to learn here of Pakistan’s search for a constitution, political and administrative system and a founding ideology. Events and ideas from this period laid the foundations of much that followed much as the theory of dynamic systems tells us. 

"How can we change the process remains?" and open question for debate discussion and research.  We will discuss it in many podcasts to come.