Spending more on Education not enough (ENGLISH)

August 3, 2016

We talk to Nadia NaviWala the author of a Wilson Center report on "Pakistan's Education Story: the Real Crisis".

Contrary to popular myth, Pakistan spending on eduction does not appear to be low. Despite education expenditures and much effort at reform, learning outcomes remain low.  

The problem may be education policy and management. Reform is happening at a slow pace and is donor led. Much of the Pakistan education thinker seems to be marginalized from it. 

What should the education sector look like? 
How should it operate? 
What should we expect from it?
Is educations sector demand led or supply driven? 
Is fixing education merely getting teacher to school?
Should textbooks be government driven? 

These are some of the questions addressed in this podcast. 

The education sector continues to remain little understood as dogma prevails over research and thinking.  

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