How budgets are made and implemented in pakistan?

May 3, 2016
Dedicated to Meekal Ahmed who worked hard for budgetary sanity in Pakistan

Economists don't pay attention to process of economic policymaking and implementation. However, policy is only as good as the process that backs it up. 

Budget is in the air and there will be a lot of talk of it. But when you listen to this podcast, you will find out how serious the budget is and how seriously it will be taken by those who make it. 

Commentators will pick the budget to the bone looking for policy. Is there any policy in the budget? Was it prepared with policy mind? 

What is the relationship between the Planning Commission, Department and the ministry of finance?

Is there teamwork in government or is MOF creeped up to be "first among equals"? 

Wajid Rana ex-Finance Secretary MOF talks candidly but very constructively about our budget process. His extensive experience in this area is something we should  all profit by and learn about the budget process. 

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