Digitization and startups (URDU)

September 24, 2019

Riaz ul Haq, an ex Intel employee with experience of several startups, has also been an avid Pakistan watcher with a successful blog.

Today we pick his brain on the efforts to digitize the Pakistan economy and establish a startup culture. 

Listen to this very interesting conversation which recounts historical events in silicon valley and explains what policies for digitization and startups should look like.


Listen to this and let us reinvigorate research and debate into change. 

Listen to this fascinating discussion. There is much to learn and research here. 

You can also look at my book “Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger in 2050”now available in hard copy in Pakistan here copy here.

Listen and learn and write some papers on this subject.  Don’t forget to cite Soch Bichar

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