Cities of the Future

January 28, 2021

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM (PST)


Dr. Nadeem ul Haque (VC PIDE)

1. Arif Hasan

2. Dr. Naveed Iftikhar

3. Samna Sadaf Khan


Pakistan currently houses some of the largest cities in the world. It has about 20 cities with populations of above a million. Karachi and Lahore are among the twenty-five mega cities in the world. This rapid urbanization is accompanied by congestion, pollution, mobility issues, shortage of housing and other utilities and sprawl. Pakistan also has 40 percent of its urban population living in
slums. There is clear shortage of urban public spaces, libraries, office and commercial spaces, and sustainable urban transportation. Our cities are not inclusive either. People living in slums, and street hawkers face a constant threat of eviction. Urban planning in Pakistan has not kept pace with the changes brought about by rapid urbanisation. Pakistani cities lack the vigour and dynamism of a
modern, productive, competitive cities. Future of the countries are in the cities hence they should be better managed. In this webinar, we will learn from speakers how cities can do it right and how we can improve our current cities.

Points to Ponder
• What will be the needs of a future city and anticipating challenges of the future?
• With rising urban population and more challenges ahead, how cities will provide equity to
• How future of the mobility will look like?
• Streets provides vibrance to the city economy, with rise of e-commerce and delivery service,
how the landscape will evolve eventually.
• Some cities around the world are taking matters into their own hands, circumventing
regional and federal government for better and effective legislation, generate their own
funds and future strategies. What can we learn from these cities?

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