Rethinking Education 2: Using technology to leapfrog (ENGLISH)

August 3, 2017

Pakistan has many excellent intellectuals, professionals and entrepreneurs in our diaspora. Mahboob Mahmood is one of them. A lawyer from Harvard and Princeton; a man who worked with Obama, an entrepreneur, a writer and a man passionately interested in education.

His firm “Knowledge Platform” is providing web-based education to 6 countries including China. He has spent a lot of time and effort trying to help Pakistani kids educated through technology. 

Today we talk about education again—we have done it 4 times before. But we will return to it again and again since it is such an important subject. 

We discuss many aspects of education especially the role of technology in education and especially the need to change the education paradigm in Pakistan.

Listen to this fascinating discussion. There is much to learn and research here. 

You can also look at my book “Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger in 2050” now available in hard copy in Pakistan. Soft copy here.

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