Understanding economic history of the world (ENGLISH)

September 22, 2017

Hilton Root is a professor in Public Policy and Economics in George Mason University. He has published many books and is now working on using complexity to understand economic history and development. 

His new book is “Global Transformations in Economic History”. In this book, he uses complexity theory to understand economic history. It sheds new light on how the west evolved technology and institutors to achieve global domination.

  • Why did China which had the lead in technology all the way through the middle ages surrender this lead?
  • Why was decentralized and warring Europe the cauldron of change and discovery in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  • How did the notion of sovereignty and systems fo governance evolve?


All students of economics and all people interested in policy must listen to this and clean fresh perspectives on how global economic transitions happened.


Listen to this and let us reinvigorate research and debate into change. 

Listen to this fascinating discussion. There is much to learn and research here. 

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