Rethinking education (ENGLISH)

July 3, 2017

Everybody is for education. All politicians, all thinkers and all donors swear by education being the most important investment that needs to be made. Billions of dollars have been invested in education with limited positive results, if any.

My generation’s major success was destroying the limited education system that we inherited from a colonial regime. I came across some young people who have been writing on education taking a fresh provocative approach. 

Here we have a debate on education among these young people:

Nadia Naviwalla,

Shahrukh Wani,

Safyan Aftab, and

Salman Ahmed

We explored several aspects of education. The debate is fascinating and very educational in itself. There are a few recording glitches because of my failures. So please ignore them and look at the substance of the conversation.

Let me again invite all to join in the conversation on Soch Bichar. This is a community project to grow a debate in Pakistan. So join in. 


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